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Becoming a Genius

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Tuesday 20 November 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

To become a genius, it is first of all about discovering your limits, while discovering your multiple intelligences, to rise. Then, while discovering our limits, we will discover human’s limits, in order to describe the world scientifically. Then our questions will be interesting. We can influence genie.

It is about philosophizing and dialoguing, defining when we do not agree. There is so a scientific dialogue on our limits. That is to say, we naturally describes our environment, in order to make it growing.

It is also about awakening our musical listening, with music that makes us thinking to act. So, we play, and then we write music. Playing music increases mind’s density. The book tells you how to play piano, flute, or clarinet. Writing music, or poetry, allows you to discover your emotions. So you understand your emotions, after reading your texts later.

My Notes

Write about your limits.

Matthieu Giroux

2 Thinking to Act